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LuzoxPK Bug Patches #7

As promised, here is an update log of the latest updates, fixes and changes.

The list below shows a big part of what we’ve done. We didn’t add fixes to the list which are not applicable for players.

– Fixed max hit
– Fixed vorkath
– Vote rewards have been nerfed it will now only roll one time for a mystery box
– Fixed some private message issues
– Added right click reply to name in chatbox
– Private messages are now cleared on logout
– Staff members can now use tab and it will open the last player who pmed them
– Fixed some sprite positions on the upgrade interface
– You can now reclaim lost upgradeable weapons by clicking on the weapon in the interface
– Zuriels staff now has the proper staff interface
– Fixed craws bow speed
– You can now click on your risked wealth to shout out.
– Revamped the ELO rating system, where it would actually show your ELO points.
– Moved multiway icon to the right side of the screen.
– The world message will now print what monster you’ve killed plus your current kc.
– Fixed some trade screen math
– The world message for drops will now be sent when the drop has more then 10K pkp value before it was 25k
– Removed skull from duel and can’t use commands in duel unless staff
– Cerberus will now log to the collection log
– Fixed picking up wilderness key with looting bag open breaks the spawn
– Runite Golem is now mineable
– You will now receive a message of how many kills you have. For that specific upgrade at the upgrade interface
– Fixed some ban commands
– Fixed some lag issues
– Fixed chinchompas
– The enchantment chest has received a semi big update
– Armadyl, Bandos Saradomin and Zamorak godsword (or) are now tradeable and lost on death!
– Dragon claws (or) is now tradeable and lost on death
– The fused slayer helm is now tradeable but autokeep!
– The ring of manhunting is now tradeable but autokeep!
– Everything else remain autokeep and untradeable.
– Buffed the items required to enchant.


We are about to head on to #suggestions very soon. We will be making logs like this for suggestions, once we have added them.

Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs to us! We greatly appreciate it and hope you guys will continue to provide us with more bug reports.


-LuzoxPK Staff Team

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