Luzoxpk bugs and updates patch #6
Thu 28-Jan-2021 | News
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LuzoxPK Bug Patches #6


As promised, here is an update log of the latest updates, fixes and changes.

The list below shows a big part of what we’ve done. We didn’t add fixes to the list which are not applicable for players.


Jan 21st:
– Fixed spells not properly resetting in combat
– Fixed the bank equipment screen
– Fixed a duel arena dupe (Same as trade)
– Fixed pets following weird
– Fixed GE tunnel
– Fixed firemaking
– Fixed special attack restore
– Fixed some wilderness agility obstacles
– Fixed punishments
– Added offline ban
– Removed old diagonal code which caused issues
– Fixed custom Elemental Staff special attack
– Fixed BH caskets
– Increased the kills required to upgrade weapons
– Fixed some max hits in combat

Jan 22nd:
– Fixed ::commands command
– Fixed void gloves
– Fixed ::update causing people to rollback
– Fixed a NPE in login for too fast login attempts

Jan 23th:
– Fixed volatile nightmare staff special attack
– Added custom PJ timers
– Prioritise a login check to stop unnecessary logic
– Flush netty after packets, will probably solve “visual slowness” ingame after engine order change
– Remove incorrect autoretal stop if frozen code
– Fixed wrong code positions of a frozen check
– Fixed 1way combat
– Fixed bad casting
– Removed npc regenerating from npcs
– Fixed logout logic + cleanup older trace
– Fixed npc maxhits
– Added a simulator for combat related issues

Jan 24th:
– Added range and magic simulator
– Added a multiplier for accuracy that can be adjusted live
– 1way change: being frozen will stop distanceTask
– Put more info in shutdown hook + add ability to cancel and adjust time
– Don’t rely on netty for kicking honestly
– Add java shutdownhook to prevent logout issues
– Fixed logic for inserting user to db
– Fixed ::copy command
– Fixed slayer level checks not working with auto retaliate
– Fixed some vengeance skull issues
– Tridents no longer work in PVP and sanguinesti staff has received its healing effect.
– Fixed a weird issue with the make over mage interface
– Added an NPE check in npc updating.
– Changed the Super combat potions and Anglerfish to 0 PKP in the price checker

Jan 25th:
– Prevent players in single areas from being piled by multiple attackers
– Fixed logic issues when parsing npc combat info
– Correctly assign minion list for godwars bosses
– Only invoke on-death methods for vetion minion and nechryarch death spawns when they die respectively
– Logic changes in potions, to prevent multiple task instances.
– Improve potion logic
– Removed risk protection
– Increase the amount to complete the referral achievements
– Achievement is still disabled, will be enabled sometime soon
– Fixed slayer helmets
– Fixed looting bag in bank
– You can now enchant all the rings that have an imbued version
– Fixed Dinhs Bulwark interface
– Fixed hunter respawns
– Fixed ring of suffering
– Fixed PvP task scroll not properly resetting and removing task bottles
– You can now open interfaces in combat, like OSRS. But when you receive an hit it will close.
– Updated the shops
– Claiming the max cape now costs 100k pkp
– Certain max capes now have extra bonuses
– You will now receive a message when using ::redskull
– Wrap all World sequence events in a stopwatch wrapper to log performance
– Removed MA2 capes from vote store
– Added MA2 capes to Battle Mages
– Added a Duel arena command
– Divine potions now have a timer
– Added mob task benchmarks
– Added pathing logs

Jan 26th:
– Fixed lever to mage arena
– Added some items to the shops
– Added a risk arena
– Fixed interfaces closing when they shouldn’t
– Added a restore pool @ risk arena, always heals everything unlike edgevile.
– Added a bank at the risk arena
– Put max level at 2178 this now includes the Farming skill
– You can now enchant the granite maul (or) infinite times
– Removed the discord bot its unused
– Added farming npc at the skilling area
– Fixed the Zamorakian spear special attack
– Removed NH pure from the tournament list
– Move multi area stuff to its own class.
– Fixed players not being able to attack world bosses in singles
– Fixed teleblock when you logout the timer is removed
– Added a dialogue check for claiming the max cape
– Added alot more server optimisations to prevent lagg
– Fixed pots not working in the risk area
– You can now use the same commands in the risk area (safe) as in Edgevile
– Added ::tb command
– Fixed ring of vigour when chopping redwoods
– Started on a gamble system
– Fixed retribution prayer
– We now log what happens to pets
– Fixed soulsplit prayer not draining prayer points

Jan 27th:
– Fixed pets cant transfer to self/offline killer + prefer go to bank instead of drop
– Tournament fixes, somehow fix lvl revert + track real xp not levelForXp previous
– Fixed more agility obstacles
– Fixed 2nd trade screen strings reset custom client handle
– Change pvp scoreboard pkp from itemname to pkp value
– Door object stuff shouldn’t be player related, should be uninterruptable
– Add runepouch to presets
– Also extra percaution for dupes of item instance
– Added delayed autoretal
– Sarasword spec + Beatiful combat methods for mob.hit methods
– Fix trying to melee when spec enabled but actually using magic on player
– Rewrote mage bank and mage arena levers
– Completed both gamble screens, now we need to write the actual system
– Rewrote the royal seed pot
– Enabled duel arena
– Prevent double deaths from occurring within a duel
– Block upgradeable weapons from duel arena
– Disabled forfeit
– Pets will be banked when the entering the duel arena
– Fixed certain special attacks still working in duel arena
– Fixed duel arena timers
– Fix duel arena timer and not being able to walk
– Fixed presets not refreshing
– Can no longer teleport out of the wild with a wildy key
– Add overkilling -> damage is NOT capped to opp’s HP, therefore allowing overkilling like 07 has.
– Add performance logging for timers and tasks on npcs
– Only use task key if a string, not a Mob instance
– Minor optimize
– Cache projectile PF state that will return the same value
– Added a test cmd for combat pvm benchmark
– Disable performance log by default + stop agro running when has target attrib
– Added a wilderness ditch benchmark
– Added agro override
– Added ::runningtasks, to check if there are any tasks open that shouldn’t be there
– Fix teleporting out of tournys


We are about to head on to #suggestions very soon. We will be making logs like this for suggestions, once we have added them.

Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs to us! We greatly appreciate it and hope you guys will continue to provide us with more bug reports.


-LuzoxPK Staff Team

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