Luzoxpk Update/Bug patches log #5
Wed 20-Jan-2021 | News
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January 18th
– Fixed a amount X dupe in trade (Items been removed from game) –
Fixed gmaul in weapon upgrades –
Edgevile now has a 10 second PJ timer –
Fixed a stackable items dupe – Fixed morigan javelin special attack projectile –
Added server error logging –
Reworked the login/logout services and core.
This fixed all the major issues with accounts being stuck
– Fixed alot of pathing issues
– Fixed load last preset
– Added deep wild dungeon crevice
– Rune pouch now drops 2500 pkp on death
– Skills now have a chance to give pkp caskets
– Made players spawn next to jad in cave. And faster Jad tasks.
– Fixed Demonic Gorilla projectiles.
– Fixed fire cape shop price
– Fixed rejuvunation pool not restoring run
– Fixed Viggora’s chain mace and craws bow
– Fixed revenant achievements – Fixed inquisitor set
– Buffed world boss drops
– Fixed clan chat dots
– Added world message to upgrade station
– Added a respawn timer for monster kills
– Enchanted chest now shows total tries
– Added dragon scimitar (or) to vote store
– Fixed pvp task scrolls
– Fixed slayer interface for blocked tasks
January 20th
– Fixed the slayer interface it now updates properly
– You can no longer teleport from the wilderness with a wilderness key
– The inquisitor set now gives 5% accuracy and damage bonus
– Fixed the slayer logic for unlockable features
– Fixed some pets having broken animations
– Fixed slayer point rewards
– Fixed the preserve unlock price
– Fixed Kraken, I don’t think we need cave krakens
– Fixed antifire potions
– Fixed the looting bag in the bank
– Fixed the max hit logic for (or) weaponary
– Disabled bird nests, this was from our eco mode
– Added a decanting npc in the Edgevile bank
– Fixed ::zulrah – Fixed wilderness teleports, they now have a warning
– Fixed the dialogue for Ethereum bracelets
– Fixed anti venom pot, it now grants immunity for 20 seconds
– Removed the options from the emblem trader
– Added a game mode changer npc
– Fixed Tztok-Jad slayer exp
– Added the ring of vigour effect
– Added herblore requirements to the skilling store
– Updated the PKP per kill – You can now set custom titles when being an extreme donator
– Fixed maxed accounts not being able to use presets
– Added a ::rules command
– Updated the Tztok-Jad drop table
– Fixed Tztok-Jad grammer in the slayer unlock rewards interface
– You can kill Jad even off task
– Fixed Scythe of Vitur using the Inquisitor set
– Fixed some grammar in certain messages
– Fixed all divine potions, they no longer drain stats during the timer
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