LuzoxPK Bug Patches #4
Fri 15-Jan-2021 | News
Posted by Malefique

LuzoxPK Bug Patches #4


As promised, here is an update log of the latest updates, fixes and changes.

The list below shows a big part of what we’ve done. We didn’t add fixes to the list wich are not applicable for players.


– Fixed Bandos Godsword special attack
– Shop items have been updated
– Fixed the Zulrah teleport
– Fixed curse prayers not draining
– Fixed tier granite mauls
– Fixed the blood thirsty achievement
– Fixed the revenants achievement
– Fixed the BH emblem item id (auto replaced with correct id)
– Friends chat has been heavily rewritten and this fixed all bugs
– Fixed a shop dupe
– Fixed the PVP scroll display amount
– Fixed a niffler pet dupe
– Fixed a crafting bug where you would get two items instead of one
– Fixed some npcs not having combat attributes
– Fixed one of the two trade visual issues, one still not fixed yet
– Clear damage when you leave the wilderness
– Fixed Bind/Snare & made Void auto-kept + untradeable
– You can no longer cast teleblock when the player is already effected by teleblock
– Whilst wearing nex armour the restore pool will now fill up the appropriate amount of HP
– Fixed Niffler pet not looting drops from Zulrah
– All shops have unlimited resources by default now
– The tournament interface now has proper strings
– Removed combat dummys and moved one into the bank area
– Fixed a banker error
– Added more teleport commands
– ::kraken
– ::kbd
– ::corp
– ::cerberus
– ::callisto
– ::jad
– ::zulrah
– Fixed agility pathfinding
– Make renderpair flag update appearance this fixes an agility bug
– You can now reset your pvp task with pkp
– Drinking potions now resets combat
– Fixed the resource area noting items
– Updated the quick prayer button
– We rewrote the object trigger logic to trigger when reached end of client pathing deque instead of by (incorrectly) deterministic distance by obj size
– Fixed anvil trigger
– Fixed the priceless items showing in red color.
– Added guaranteed PKP drop between 50-150
– Added home teletab
– Added random amount of PKP to some NPC drops, Guaranteed drop
– Made twisted anc wearable
– Added logs, made them free.
– Updated pkp prices
– Removed mithril seed from players + shop
– Pathing towards npcs has been fixed
– Allow triggering of wall object like levers/doors from 1 tile away
– Moved the door handler code to after agility action so agility goes first (iron gates)
– Fixed the wilderness ditch jump
– Fixed equipment dupe
– Fixed stackable items when switching from weapons
– Fixed a trade dupe
– Fixed korasi’s sword speed
– Fixed broad bolts
– Pj timer edit: in edgevile 10 seconds everywhere else 4.5 seconds
– Added Trident of the sea to PKP store
– Stackable equip dupe fix
– Made Twisted ancestral tradeable
– Restrictions have been added to the teleport system
– You can no longer quickly use welfare presets and teleport to multi areas
– You can no longer teleport into the wilderness with more then 14 brews
– None of the restrictions count for safe teleports and single areas
– Removed duplicate Dragon boots from PKP store
– Fixed some ban issues
– Fixed wrong cmd username parsing


We are about to head on to #suggestions very soon. We will be making logs like this for suggestions, once we have added them.

Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs to us! We greatly appreciate it and hope you guys will continue to provide us with more bug reports.


-LuzoxPK Staff Team

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