LuzoxPK Bug Patches #3
Mon 11-Jan-2021 | News
Posted by Luzox PK

LuzoxPK Bug Patches #3

We have been working hard on fixing all of the bugs you guys have reported! Here is a list of all the bugs fixed in patch #3.

– Fixed an client bug where you couldn’t click on certain teleports
– Fixed cooking range in donator zone
– Fixed fishing spots disappearing
– Fixed Tztok-Jad drops
– Fixed so that trained accounts can’t load a preset before maxing out
– Move CombatAncientSpell effects to earlier in combat code, on cast instead of on damage. (This fixed barrage not actually freezing the opponent)
– Changed Zulrah scales price to 5 pkp ea
– Disabled duel arena until further notice
– Fixed Kraken instance
– Fixed commands with spaces and incorrect static field usage
– Fixed curse base multiplier value!
– Updated Vorkaths health to original health (750) (Vorkath combat will be reworked soon!)
– Added rune pouch to pkp store for 25K pkp
– Changed the rune pouch vote price to 25 points ea
– Added vote tickets
– Fixed tourney button ids
– Fixed ::donate link
– Added ::claim commands for donations
– Fixed teleporting
– Fixed thieving stall teleporting
– King black dragon now counts towards the dragons achievement
– Fixed pet announcements
– Fixed curse prayers not draining prayer anymore
– Pets no longer take damage from barrage spells in multi
– Fixed some pvp scroll issues
– You can no longer sell pkp to the gen store
– The pool in edgevile now refills 100% special attack
– Fixed seers village coords
– Fixed black unicorns
– Rewrote the teleporting system
– Barrelchest pet now gives +1 max hit
– Fixed vote achievement
– Fixed pvm death not dropping items to floor
– Added prayer activation queuing when locked
– Stop mining when you receive an ore.
– Rewrote player and npc death, this possibly fixed some issues where npcs got stuck

– Fixed the pool in edgevile
– Fixed freezing
– Fixed some mining issues
– Fixed pets not appearing in collection log
– Added boss collection drop logging to custom Droptable implementations such as Zulrah
– Moved the larrans key chest
– Fixed spectral showing as divine whilst playing as a female character
– Fixed pet announcement message
– Fixed crystal key and wilderness keys not increasing in chests opened
– Venenatis now counts towards kill logs
– Fixed Justiciar item bonuses
– Fixed slashing web timers (1 minute) cooldown
– Corporeal beast is no longer a dangerous teleport
– Fixed several server errors
– Fixed drop lamps and added a timer
– Fixed messages and announcements stack each other
– Made sure the PKP shop has unlimted stack
– Fixed BH target scroll
– Fixed rune pouch dupe
– Fixed bracelet of ethereum
– Fixed dragon scimitar special attack
– Added the following commands
– Added ::niffler command.
– You can now toggle off the level up interfaces by using ::levelup.
– Fixed drop table rates



Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs to us! We greatly appreciate it and hope you guys will continue to provide us with more bug reports.


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