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Sat 12-Dec-2020 | News
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We at LuzoxPK have the most rewarding and advanced referral system any RSPS has to offer. We value our players and give out the best possible rewards for spreading the word about LuzoxPK. We assure you that our referral system is safe for use. We have various checks in place for abuse such as: IP address, MAC address and a unique database id. You can only have one referral but every unique character can use your name as referral! Try to get as many referrals as possible to maximize the rewards. We also offer referral contests at our discord server for very large rewards.  


We offer a various set of rewards: a default referral reward of 1 mystery box and 1 referral point which you can spend at our referral point store at ::store. The player that is new and used your referral will receive two mystery boxes and a double drops lamp (one hour). After that a system is set in place for more rewards based on playtime. When your referral player has 10 hours of ingame playtime you will receive an additional three mystery boxes. When your referral player has 1 day of ingame playtime you will receive a Legendary mystery box. And when your referral player has 3 of its own referrals in place, you will get an final reward. A free 5$ bond.

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